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We have over 20 years in landscape design and enhancements, our version of white glove maintenance, “green gloves”, with expert knowledge of orchids, other epiphytes, palms, Florida native species and rare plants. As a master horticulturist with experience  working at several botanical gardens, and commercial landscape companies, I can help you select the right plant for the right place.

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Our principal, Josh Powell is a master horticulturist with more than 20 years of experience. 

A  South Florida native, Josh is college educated and holds a degree in Horticulture and Landscape Designs and has worked at several Florida botanical gardens, as well as with commercial landscape design and installation companies.   He has extensive experience with native plants, exotics, orchids, epiphytes, rare palms and aeroids. 



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Why we are different: We understand that a  good design should not only catch your eye with its aesthetics but be visually pleasing and  fit in the overall landscape conditions and topography of your property and increase its  value. That is why we are passionate about right plant for right place and we offer services like landscape design and installation, hardscaping and lighting installations and “green gloves” maintenance.   We will work with you to optimize your vision within your budget.

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Orchids, Aeroids and Bromeliads education

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20 Years of Experience in Landscape Design and Installations, enhancements and "green gloves" focused maintenance. We also have a curated selection of rare house and garden plants for your purchase from our nursery. See our Shop

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